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This project was born in a desire to achieve something that is truly close to my heart, and to communicate it to you I decided to use an omni-comprehensible artistic language that is part of my life journey. I’m inviting you to join me on a “visual walk-and-talk” and hope that you will find it an enjoyable experience. See how a decades long practice of transcendental meditation expressed in my artwork. My experience of art started when I moved from Croatia to Italy. More than just a language shift, it represented a big cultural change and very fertile ground for creativity. The experience of working in the theatre as a set and costume designer triggered more intimate research in art. I have always been passionate, about languages. How the switching from one language to another colours our thinking process and provide us with some kind of rules-grid, which facilitate the transition of thoughts to the sound. When I’m not using my mother tongue I’m constantly testing my knowledge and the flexibility of other language. The same happens in my artistic process which is a continues visual-language formation that is testing its boundaries in a non-verbal area, underneath the sound level, where the space is defined by feelings and sensations. This is the main field of my inspiration. Join me

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